fotografie di Gabriella e Gianmaria


around Liverpool

You'll never eat alone...


The Liver Building

Liverpool One

"A hard day's night" shop, collage of pennies

The Grapes, Mathew St.

Bug World, Albert Docks

I ate bugs, delicious

Liverpool One

Liverpool One

Liverpool One

Three of Us

Clean it up!

Clean it up?

famous people

The Empress, do you remember Sentimental Journey?

Yes, we do.

Save 9 Madryn St. campaign

Save 9 Madryn St. campaign

Save 9 Madryn St. campaign

10 Admiral Grove

The Casbah Coffee Club, Hymann's Green

The Casbah Coffee Club

The Casbah Coffee Club

David Bedford, signing his new book Liddypool

To Astrid from George

To Astrid from George

Klaus Voormann, photo by Astrid Kircherr

Jackie Lomax, photo by Astrid Kircherr

Billy J. Kramer and Gabriella at the Adeplhi Hotel

Same with Gianmaria

Original location of the original Cavern Club

Jeoff Baker, P.A. Paul & Linda McCartney

Former Epstein's NEMS store

Former Reece's Restaurant, 1st floor, where John and Cynthia had their wedding toast

36, Falkner St. where John and Cynthia spent their honeymoon

people, musicians and fans

Nube 9, from Argentina

Blue Margarites, from Japan

Inside the Cavern Club

Overtures at the Philarmonic Hall

Take care Eleanor, see you then, I left you my sneakers...